Letters 1-10-14

Transparency from state still lacking


Transparency from state still lacking

I’m very disappointed with Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s administration.

Transparency has taken a large step backward during his current term. It is very difficult to get any significant updates on two stalled — and important — highway projects, the second phase of Queen Kaahumanu Highway widening and the realignment/reconstruction of the final 5.7 miles of the Daniel K. Inouye Highway in Hilo.

I have to jump through hoops to get any updates on these projects, as the governor refuses to acknowledge any of my emails. The lack of transparency also applies to the state Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration upper management on Oahu and the mainland.

This wasn’t a problem during Gov. Linda Lingle’s second term. Both the state Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration were much more open, at least with my inquiries.

We, as taxpayers, deserve to know where things stand with both of these highway projects without any smoke and mirrors.

Aaron Stene


Maybe signs, instead of tickets, are the answer

Handing out tickets for not wearing seat belts on the Kona International Airport access road really does sound like a terrible method of education, and a lousy start for a visitor’s stay on the Big Island.

I think I have a much better and effective idea. I am old enough to remember the old sequential Burma-Shave signs that were along the road side. For example: big mistake … many make … rely on horn …instead of brake … Burma-Shave. A little humorous reminder for folks stressed out by a long plane ride and being in a rental car would be light-years better than a ticket.

We could even have a contest for the best little four signs poem to remind folks to buckle up.

Save lives with humor instead of a hammer.


Richard Swann

Captain Cook