LEtters 1-31-14

Why don’t they test GMO on the mainland?


Why don’t they test GMO on the mainland?

Is GMO experimenting safe? The answer is emphatically no! Here’s why. If it is as safe as the GMO people tell us, then why don’t they do all their experimenting on the mainland where the cost of business is far cheaper than Hawaii? They could save millions.

The reason is they know full well GMO experimenting is extremely dangerous. They know they could create a Frankenstein and the pollen from it could be blown for hundreds of miles on the mainland infecting billions of dollars’ worth of existing crops and they would clearly be liable for damages.

So by coming to Hawaii and spending millions of extra dollars buying and leasing land and paying all their scientists and staff travel and housing expenses to relocate here along with all their equipment, they avoid the possibility of infected pollen spreading on the mainland.

Instead, they risk the health of the people and agricultural crops of Hawaii, which in their financial way of thinking, is far less of a liability.

So next time you hear the GMO people say GMO experimenting is safe, ask them if it is so safe, then why don’t they do their experimenting on the mainland and save money.

Bob Babson

Kihei, Maui

There’s nothing ‘complex’ about Obama

Regarding the article by Michael Gerson: I had to laugh a bit as I read the column.

Even with all of Obama’s failures to date, the news media still loves him and makes excuses for him with no feelings of guilt.

Sadly, there is nothing “complex” about Obama. He simply was not ready for the job he was hired to do. He has no skills, except being a self professed “organizer,” clueless as to what he would be facing as president of the United States. He is a great, if unbelievable, speaker who was able to con his way into office with empty promises while lacking the ability to keep them. He could have done great things even lacking leadership skills but instead wasted the first two years of his presidency promoting and creating the mess nicknamed Obamacare.

He is, without a doubt, the worst person ever elected to our highest, most prestigious office. He has been an embarrassment to all Americans, our friends in other countries and will be in American history. He would have done better in a traveling circus as a “Flimflam Man,” while not getting quite as rich as he has being president, nothing “complex” at all.


Frank Dickinson