Letters 2-12-14

Shooting range would benefit many


Shooting range would benefit many

It is always negativity that pops up in any and all developments for our Big Island. Such as those being heard about the proposed shooting range that has been in the makings now for decades — and I mean decades (more like half a century).

Granted, we do not want the range to be in neighborhoods or commercial areas just as we would not want a raceway alongside a residential area. That is common sense.

But let’s look at it in a positive way and measure up the plus side of having a shooting range.

First, the Second Amendment states that Americans have the right to own guns. Therefore, the people must be allowed areas to shoot their guns even if the people must go about adding an amendment to the Constitution to achieve that right. After all, we cannot, as in the past, just step outside and blast away, can we? State law does allow, we the people, to shoot on our own property, with limitations of course.

The positive side of this picture is that outside of residents enjoying recreational shooting and possible state shooting matches, there could be shooting matches sponsored by shooting clubs from the mainland along with manufacturers of guns and ammunition, etc.

During a weeklong shooting match, there would be untold booths displaying clothing and gear of every description in the lobbies of those chosen hotels. Other beneficiaries would be transportation companies ferrying contestants to and from the rang), U-drive companies, restaurants and all retail shops. On and on it goes just as any other robust tourist function.

May I mention that just maybe, the National Rifle Association might endorse a convention with hundreds of display booths that might also be wooed to the Big Island. Just think for a second or two about the free publicity in the many sports publications and magazines.

Shooting is an Olympic sport and many schools and colleges feature shooting as a sport.

Would there be a problem attracting shooters to come to a shooting match in Hawaii? Just ask a shooter’s wife. Would she rather be in Nashville, Tenn., or lying on a sandy beach in glorious Hawaii, the “Gem of the Pacific.”

Bear in mind that Hawaii Island has for years held the title for having the lowest hotel occupancy rate in the state. Let all of us work toward improving that status.


Hugo von Platen Luder