Letters 3-3-14

Preserve reef fish for diving public


Preserve reef fish for diving public

After 10 years of diving in the Kailua-Kona area, I am deeply discouraged by the lack of reef fish this year’s first trip displayed. I am aware of your legislative attempts to address the taking of reef fish for aquaria, specifically the no-collection zones. I applaud your trying to deal with this tough problem.

Be aware, divers like myself have choices in our diving destinations. Hawaii is so beautiful under the sea. Please make your efforts to preserve this wonderous resource.

Mark Proctor

Burnaby, British Columbia

Driving through parking spaces a menace

I would like to put this in the most polite language as possible but at the moment I cannot. To you fools who drive through the parking places in the lots rather than using the lanes, stop already. You are a menace to navigation.

This is especially intended for the person in the black 4Runner who just did that in the Safeway lot and missed me by a hair. Use the lanes.

Gregory Miller


Garbage pickup leaves trash all over

There is a sign posted on Walua Road across from the Kona Pacific Condos that states: “No littering: A $1,000.00 fine.” I would like to know why the waste management company is allowed to litter all over Alii Drive across from the Royal Kona Resort. Almost every morning they empty three to four garbage bins from Huggo’s restaurant, which are placed on the shoulder of Alii Drive. Most mornings the rubbish is spilled onto Alii Drive. No one picks it up.

I walk this route daily and there is broken glass from wine and beer bottles, raw garbage, fish guts, bathroom items and customer receipts from Huggo’s. I don’t believe the customers of Huggo’s would like to know their receipts are scattered along Allii Drive. I have notified the waste company and Huggo’s about this in the past. Huggo’s did talk to them.

This has become a daily issue. Maybe if the no litter law was enforced we would see results. A $1,000 fine would get their attention.


Patti Hattenburg