Letters | 3-10-14

Reclassify Internet service providers as common carriers


Reclassify Internet service providers as common carriers

Internet neutrality is important for freedom of access to the World Wide Web. I believe the Federal Communications Commission should fix the technical issue that caused the appeals court to rule against them before it is to late. Internet access is of course not free but the right to go where you want on the Web is at least now.

We live in a world that is increasingly controlled by corporations and I for one do not want to see them controlling the Web as well.

Harlan Hiltner


Aila’s comments on sharks astounding

Last night I watched a PBS program called “Insights,” and the topic was “What is the State of Hawaii’s Ocean Waters?” Among the guests was state Department of Land and Natural Resources Chairman William Aila. As the discussion evolved, the subject of sharks came up and whether there is any place in Hawaii where sharks are protected. I was stunned to hear Mr. Aila say that, to his knowledge, there are no places in the islands where sharks are protected.

For Mr. Aila to have said that indicates he’s either incompetent or lying. He knows perfectly well that along the entire West Hawaii shoreline, it is illegal to take, kill, harm or harass nine inshore species of sharks and rays, as well as helmet shells and triton trumpet shells. Mr. Aila is well aware of the rules package that afforded this protection: He did his very best to try to get those very rules derailed.

What kind of DLNR chairman is it that is either spreading false information to the public or is actively trying to stand in the way of necessary protective policies for our marine resources. He should be replaced.


Tina Owens