Letters 3-18-14

Declassify the Senate and CIA torture reports


Declassify the Senate and CIA torture reports

The Central Intelligence Agency is long overdue for housekeeping and investigation on its disgraceful, above the law activities. Linked to the murder of President John F. Kennedy, and countless others, its actions don’t represent us or serve our interests.

By the CIA’s own admission, the torture of untold numbers was and is completely ineffective, and gratuitous. The CIA cannot hide the truth from the Senate’s torture investigation by trying to prosecute the Senate investigators. The CIA must release all information it had previously given the Senate investigators before it later removed it from the investigators’ computer files.

We citizens want to know what is being done in our name.

Jennifer Ho


There were no Zero jets used in Pearl Harbor attack

On Saturday, an article titled “Pearl Harbor relic headed to museum” said that the item was from “a Japanese fighter jet” and goes on to further reference a Japanese Zero.

There were no Zero jets at Pearl Harbor. There were no operational jets in World War II until the introduction of the ME 262 by Germany in 1944.

Now this may seem an minor point, but it is misquoted history and that is significant.

I’m sure the letters to all editors who have allowed this to be printed, will echo the point. I also believe the survivors of Pearl Harbor will be quick to take exception to the article.


Pete Webber