Letters | 3-28-14

Should spearfishing in Kahaluu Bay be banned?


Should spearfishing in Kahaluu Bay be banned?

On several occasions now, people with spear guns have been seen swimming near the busy tourist area of Kahaluu Bay. Do we wait until someone gets shot by these spearfishermen or do we prevent it before it happens by banning any and all spearfishing in the bay?

We thrive on tourism at all of our popular beaches, and if such an incident should happen, it would create a lot of negative news. Kahaluu is supposed to be a marine sanctuary where the fish and turtles can live and exist in harmony. The tourists love seeing and interacting with all of our marine life. Can you imagine how devastating it would be if even one fish was speared while the snorkelers looked on?

I can’t think of anything more horrifying than seeing a lovely fish being killed in front of my eyes. Spearfishing should be done away from the crowded areas.

Colleen Miyose-Wallis


Why must we fight over water?

Fighting over water is an American tradition, especially where it is in short supply. In Europe, they pollute the water and drink wine. In the desert states they move water hundreds of miles from where it is to where it’s needed. Tiny Oahu’s water supply supports almost 2 million people. Hawaii with 4,000 square miles of watershed gets at least 3,500,000 gallons of rain water per person per year — based on 10 inches of rain. Why must we fight over the distribution of one of the smallest aquifers?


Ken Obenski

Kaohe, South Kona