Letters | 4-9-14

Let’s start over and rewrite ocean rules


Let’s start over and rewrite ocean rules

As I read the article about proposed changes to the rules for commercial operation on our ocean, I was struck by Ed Underwood’s comment that we could call the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation office and he would walk us through the rules. This is the problem.

The current rules are confusing and subject to interpretation by the administration — and now they want to add more on top of them. This is true of many rules and laws that are put in place. Lawmakers and regulators need to write rules that are simple, easy to understand, so we, the people who pay their salaries, can easily obey them. So I say start over. It would be a good thing for all agencies to consider.

Tom Britton


Alii Drive beach area an eyesore

The little grassy beach area just south of the Kona Bali Kai condominiums on Alii Drive, has had temporary orange pylons, yellow barrier tape and no trespassing signs there for more than two years now.

The owners obviously want to keep the area private for their own personal use, which I presume is their right, but it looks like a recent crime scene.

Possibly they could consider a more attractive way to keep people off their land.


Jim Hazard