Letters | 5-11-14

Let’s right the wrongs of the Great Mahele


Let’s right the wrongs of the Great Mahele

All these many decades I’ve lived in Hawaii, now more than ever I feel a lot of anger coming from my makaaina friends about the theft of the land and the water.

I feel that the distribution that happened during the Great Mahele, the gross unfairness in the way it was conducted in such a way that the commoners were left with very little truly deserves redress.

The nascent government that is emerging from this kanaka maoli enrollment may prove to be a path for righting some of these wrongs. 1843 was a long time ago, but it’s not too late to correct such a well documented theft done by the corrupt rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Richard Swann

Ocean View

We must support our military

I am reading complaints about various aspects of the military and their base at Pohakuloa.

What I don’t think people understand is that these are people who risk their lives to keep our country safe and free. The military does their very best to mitigate the noise from their aircraft. This is nothing compared to the sacrifice our service people give to us.

Please, this is the least we can do to support our troops. Let’s stop complaining and instead thank them from the bottom of our hearts.


Leslie Agorastos