Letters | 5-12-14

‘Peace through strength’ a lesson we should take to heart


‘Peace through strength’ a lesson we should take to heart

The April 29 edition of West Hawaii Today ran an article titled “Hanabusa announces bill that would expand PTA.” The next day there was a correction printed in West Hawaii Today (in small print) that the bill more correctly would only allow for upgrades at PTA.

That article stimulated James Donovan to write a letter that was printed in the May 2 edition of the WHT stating that he was a transplant to Hawaii, “the best place on Earth to live,” and addressing “to whom it may concern, don’t bring your war here, please.”

His letter prompted a response from Greg Miller of Kona who took him to task in his May 5 letter on “the millions who have died so he can have the freedom to pass all of his everything on and own his piece of paradise.”

The May 8 edition of West Hawaii Today printed two more letters on the subject with the one from Colleen Miyose-Wallis of Kailua-Kona, another transplant, agreeing “completely” with James Donovan and adding that “we don’t want another Pearl Harbor on our island.” Mark Colter of Waimea chimes in on the subject with “The C-17 is a gigantic, loud, polluting aircraft. Can you imagine a continuous stream of them flying troops, equipment and supplies to PTA?”

Let me take you all back to 1893 and the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy. The Hawaiians didn’t ask to be liberated. It was a few foreigners motivated by power and greed that initiated the overthrow. The world today has not changed as greed and power still motivates nations to infringe on others. The best way to control being infringed upon is through strength. Former President Ronald Regan put it best in the statement “Peace through strength.”

There have been countless sacrifices with an unfathomable amount of grief and pain that has been associated with the freedom we enjoy today. We who enjoy this freedom should do all we can to enhance the training of those who serve in our military. “Peace through strength” is a trueism, but the statement “divided we fall” is also true.

The inconvenience to us of our military training at PTA is a small price to pay in comparison to those who return home maimed or in boxes.

Leningrad Elarionoff


Does criminal justice need overhaul?

People who commit crimes will not change their ways. That’s why anyone who is a thief will continue to steal from others. It’s the same with those who murder others. Keeping them locked away is the safest place for the rest of society.

Frankly, just keeping them alive is a waste of taxpayers money. What’s the answer? I have no idea but I do believe they will not change their ways but will only commit more crimes as they grow older.

Maybe the whole criminal justice system has to be revised.


Colleen Miyose-Wallis