Letters | 5-22-14

VFW post was great access for veterans


VFW post was great access for veterans

The veterans and ladies of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Kona Post 12122, wish to thank the Queen Liliuokalani Trust for allowing us to utilize the old Swing Zone property as our home for the past year.

While we were located there our post grew from 52 members to its membership now of over 160, which indicates that there was indeed a need for this post.

While here we have been able to assist not only VFW members but veterans from other organizations such as the American Legion, Korean veterans, Vietnam veterans and others.

Kona and the west side have long needed a veterans center to assist not only the “old guard” but to assist our younger troops who have had to undergo many deployments.

Kona Post 12122 is now in the process of locating a suitable location where we can continue to serve the deserving.

Dick Skarnes

Adjutant/Quartermaster VFW Post 12122


Drivers, use caution in our rainy weather

Kailua-Kona has been hit with a lot of rain and fog in the past few weeks. When these conditions prevail, driving becomes more difficult and hazardous. The sensible motorist decreases speed when driving in rain and fog, but still must be very careful and watchful.

It is almost impossible to see approaching cars and cars preceding yours if they don’t have their lights on. Why is it not mandatory to put your lights on when it is raining or foggy? In some states, it is the law that when the wipers go on, the lights go on. Car manufacturers should design automobiles with this safety measure.

Drivers — wise up. It doesn’t take much effort to push that lever — if just might save a life.


Margaret Capelli