Letters | 6-18-14

Does everything have to be in plastic?


Does everything have to be in plastic?

We are wrapping ourselves in plastic. Does everything I buy from clothes to food to tools have to be encased in plastic?

The continents of plastic that already drift in our oceans are getting bigger and bigger and have you noticed the little bits of it permeating the surf?

If we can stop buying so much plastic there will be less of it.

Will Pote


Pig hunting turns her stomach

I’m not sure how others feel but my stomach took a deep turn when I picked up the newspaper this morning. Seeing pig carnage is not my idea of a great way to start my day.

I skipped reading the front page entirely. I am certain I was not the only one nauseated by this. No breakfast for me.

Janeen Abell


Going backward on waste disposal

Another intelligent comment from the Environmental Management Director regarding the request for proposals for a waste reduction facility: “I don’t think we set the bar that high.” Is that the story of our island? Expect or do the bare minimum with the largest amount of taxpayer money spent?

Richard Anthony, whose zero-waste plan was endorsed by the council responded, “They weren’t asking for a solution; they’re asking for a garbage burner.”

And so, history will continue to repeat itself. Billy Kenoi’s requirements are to create more garbage for us burn. Just what the atmosphere “requires.”

Ironically we are going backward.


Leilani Clark