Letters | 6-24-14

Wille right to fight GMO producers


Wille right to fight GMO producers

Genetically modified organism farmers, seed companies and processed foods producers hold profit in higher priority than human health or environmental damage.

Big money is at stake for GMO farmers and seed companies. They are willing to spend big money to protect their profits. They know that if GMOs are stopped they are going to lose billions in profits.

To defeat these corporations will be a long, difficult path.

The stakes for us consumers and the environment is no less than our health and life itself.

Doing nothing is not an option.

Our health and our lives are a commodity that are worth less to these corporations than their profits. If they are able to defeat our efforts to stop them from bringing their mutant foods to our fields, stores and tables, we will definitely suffer for it.

Support the efforts to defeat their efforts to push their agenda down our throats.

Margaret Wille is a brave woman for going up against these power brokers. She is working for our health and the health of our environment. She is not a radical or health freak. She cares about us. Try to show her that she was right to challenge Goliath.


Tom Beach