Letters | 7-5-14

GMOs only for profit of companies


GMOs only for profit of companies

In response to Richard Ha’s viewpoint dated June 29, I would like someone to explain how biotech declares genetically engineered seeds are “substantially equivalent,” while simultaneously being “substantially transformed” for patents. Which is it?

Biotech’s patents are written by lawyers and the chemical companies, not ordinary farmers. In business, this is known as vertical growth, making profits at every stage of development. Patent the seed, which requires the farmers under contract to use the same chemical company’s products during the crop’s life, then require the farmers to purchase new seeds for the next crop production.

GMOs are about profits for the chemical companies. The rest is a distraction.

Meanwhile, Hawaii’s treasured resources are being impacted by the experimental chemical cocktails used by biotech seed production that pollute Hawaii’s water, land, ocean, reefs and affect our keiki’s health, our health, while some of our elected officials peddle the biotech misinformation line for campaign dollars. Shameful.

Peggy McArdle


Ka‘u video site isn’t worth the cost

In spite of their use-it-or lose-it warning to us last year, the County Council has dumped another $17,300 into its Ka‘u videoconference site this year. That equals $360 per meeting; or $120 per minute if they are lucky enough to get even one testifier.

The Oceanview Community Association owes its contract renewal to cronyism and log rolling. Those cronies must be some heavy hitters, because nobody dared to pull the plug on that place. The county is subsidizing a private club out there.

Post offices and libraries must adjust their locations according to public use trends. The County Council is not capable of making those same decisions.


Jerry Warren