Letters | 7-13-14

Justices and more should be impeached


Justices and more should be impeached

It’s time we impeach the Supreme Court, Citizens United, McCutcheon and Hobby Lobby 5. They have officially proven themselves to be so totally out of touch with the American people and the Constitution. And they just don’t care. To give that amount of power to these clowns is just simple insane.

Darlene Scancella


Filing state tax return for homeowner exemption a good idea

I had to laugh at Finance Director Nancy Crawford’s concern about the burden placed on low-income homeowners in filing state income tax returns. She must be unaware of the low-income tax credit given to virtually every senior citizen living on any size social security and/or pension income. This is the opposite of a burden. It is reward from the state. And any senior citizen has numerous places, including house calls, to get their taxes done for free. I am surprised at Ms. Crawford’s lack of understanding of the state tax code.

Gil Villalobos


Removing diver’s regulator was assault

Fish collectors are licensed and free to work in designated waters. The ocean belongs to all of us — that is a fact. It is also a fact that assault is a crime.

Bob Herkes stated “Don’t confuse the issue with the facts.” He then went on to gloat about his ability as a 15-year-old in a confined YMCA swimming pool, with his scuba instructor, to complete equipment removal skills as millions of other scuba divers do. He stated in his 45 years of being a scuba instructor that all divers learn to safely remove their regulator underwater and replace it safely.

Bob, you are confused. This did not happen in a controlled, training environment. To attack an individual and forcibly remove their regulator is called assault. Assault is a crime.


Charles Owens