Letters | 7-16-14

Look for a farming alternative


Look for a farming alternative

Richard Ha’s viewpoint article in West Hawaii Today on June 29 read like a person seeking validation for a life of “when bad becomes normal.” We all make decisions that chart our lives, hopefully somewhere along the road of life, we run into those mileposts of awareness that point us in alternative directions.

Ha’s father is portrayed by him as having had a formative and valuable influence on him. I agree. The value of looking for the positive way to problem-solve without giving up is a virtue. I would call this discipline. Discipline creates a mind that will run into those mileposts that wake you up to take a different look. My father, a scientist, always encouraged us to question. That is the basis of science.

There are alternative views, thoughts and methods of farming that are beneficial for Hawaii and the world. Ha would benefit from his father’s advice if he would take a look from a “scientific” point. Read the works done by William Albrecht, Carey Reams, Sir Albert Howard, J.I. Rodale and Teruo Higa to name a few. Or one could just contemplate the scale and efficiency of pre-Western Hawaiian farming.

Seizen Bonk

farmer/Kozen Farm

Kona’s residents wonderful people

We are a family of New Zealanders holidaying in Kona and today experienced the kindness of the local people first hand.

We were having a picnic day at Spencer’s Beach when one of our children was attacked by a Portuguese man of war. We were unfamiliar with the symptoms being described but quickly realised that the child was becoming very agitated and ill. Within minutes we were surrounded by residents who were able to tell us exactly what the problem was and then produced ice packs, vinegar and several other remedies and directed us to the nearby fire station where we were able to get medical assistance.

Our little girl is now bouncing with energy and fun again and we are truly grateful for the assistance of Kona’s wonderful people who gave us assistance today.


The Jackson Family

New Zealand