Letters | 7-25-14

If litter bothers you, pick it up


If litter bothers you, pick it up

I read with interest Richard Allen’s letter in the July 19 paper.

Mr. Allen seemed to be bothered by the large amount of trash that was more apparent after the coral graffiti had been removed from the right of way along the highway. If Mr. Allen is truly concerned, a simple solution would for him to help pick it up.

I suspect though that Mr. Allen is really unhappy about the removal of the coral. The individuals who returned the coral to its proper place on the beach came to the conclusion that the coral graffiti was a terrible eyesore and decided to do something about it. If Mr. Allen feels strongly about the trash he could organize something similar.

Mark E. Kuechenmeister


Everyone has their own opinion on GMOs

In Donna Worden’s July 12 answer to Brian Lieven’s pro-genetically modified organisms letter the mistake was made in identifying him as being on the payroll of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers. His position as West Hawaii Chapter president is strictly volunteer. He receives no salary from HTFG and was speaking for himself.

Furthermore, HTFG has no vested interest in GMO papaya and does not have a papaya chapter. Our membership, our officers and our board of directors are entitled to their own opinions and we are split down the middle on the GMO issue. We try to focus on our mission, which is solely to promote “any and all aspects of tropical fruit in Hawaii.”

Personally. I agree with Ms. Worden’s position and have been vehemently opposed to transgenic manipulation of genes but that is my position and not that of HTFG.

Ken Love


Executive Director

Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers