Letters | 3-3-15

Let engineers decide lawsuit


Let engineers decide lawsuit

With regards to whether Hawaii County Department of Environmental Management Director Bobby Jean Leithead Todd is qualified for her position, although she is lacking in an engineering degree or an equivalent, while instead having training as a lawyer: Wouldn’t it be cheaper for the taxpayers, and make more sense to have a panel of engineers decide on her capabilities, rather than having another panel of lawmakers/lawyers, or the courts, make such a decision?

Carl Merner


Stop the red-light runners

I would like to express my concerns about drivers just blowing through red lights. I’ve seen it happen at pretty much all the major intersections in Kona. It’s not random — it’s consistent. My husband has noticed and commented on this as well.

Maybe some red light cameras need to be placed at certain intersections and lay some hefty fines on these offenders.

I’ve warned my family and friends to watch out for these careless and dangerous drivers.

L. Heard


Viable plan needed for green waste recycling

I think we have a winner for “The Dumbest Run Division in Hawaii County” — whoever runs the green waste recycling division.

Eighteen months ago, 10 vehicles at a time could unload their green waste in the lot mauka of the upstairs transfer bins. Then they moved green waste upstairs where there were four available spots, of which one was permanently not used and it was an extremely clumsy way to unload. Hilarity, and waiting lines ensued.

Now we have this on again/off again proposal to make commercial landscapers drive 60 miles round trip, and have to pay to drop off their waste. We could all envision green waste illegally dumped all over the island, as well as homeowners paying a lot more for landscaping. Now this brilliant plan is in limbo.

Please put someone in charge there who can come up with a viable plan for recycling our green waste.


Barry Finkenberg