Letters: 4-19-17

Pickleball serves on this side, too


Pickleball serves on this side, too

I read with interest your recent article about the growing number of people playing pickleball in Hawaii. There is group of us who gather on Fridays at 7:30 a.m. at the Waikoloa Village tennis courts to play this exciting game.

We, too, are armed with tape, racquets and balls. We welcome all ages to come out and join us. If you have never played, we welcome you, too. We can teach you the basics and you will soon be on your way to enjoy a new reason to get up off the couch and move.

See you on the courts.

Marcie Davis

Waikoloa Village

Help keep park clean

On Saturday, April 22 Ulu La’au the Waimea Nature Park will become a trash free park. The Waimea Outdoor Circle, along with the Nature Park Advisory Committee, has been working toward this goal for the past year. It is a growing trend across the country, has been very successful and is a concept that was encouraged back in 1999 when the Nature Park was first being developed.

We are optimistic from our yearlong survey that park visitors are happy to comply by carrying out their own trash, as many already do. While we intend to continue providing the “doggie bags” for our four-legged friends, we do ask that pet owners dispose of their pet’s waste in a responsible manner outside of the park. On behalf of all of the park volunteers, thank you so much for your support and for keeping Ulu La’au the Waimea Nature Park clean, green and beautiful!

Cheryl Langton

Waimea Outdoor Circle

Harry to diplomatic rescue

Imagine this. Our Mayor Harry Kim, of Korean decent who knows too well the horrors of war, issues a press release offering to host the leaders of North and South Korea here in the land of aloha to officially end the Korean War.

I called the mayor’s office on Monday and asked if he would be willing to host such a meeting; so far no answer. An official press release from our mayor’s office could get the attention of all concerned almost immediately.

All diplomatic options have certainly not been tried yet, no matter what the White House and others say. “Hope springs eternal.” Make us proud, Harry!


Roger Christie