Letters: 5-18-17

Play praise keeps coming


Play praise keeps coming

We just returned from seeing “The Miracle Worker” at the Aloha Theatre. The play is absolutely stunning! Powerful, authentic, fully captivating — these words are barely sufficient to describe our experience.

The play will run for only one more weekend, this coming Friday and Saturday evening, and Sunday, for a 2:30 p.m. matinee. See it, it is time well spent.

Barry and Gloria Blum


Saddle extension plan should be more inclusive

A public hearing was Wednesday to discuss the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Saddle Road extension at the Waikoloa Village Elementary and Middle School.

The EIS document elucidates the principles of project purpose, analyses of alternatives, and conclusions. The description of the environment setting and project description is thorough. The Saddle Road extension will benefit long distance commuters. The road will benefit shorter distance commuters and circulators in the neighboring communities.

Travel on Mamalahoa Highway and Queen Kaahumanu Highway would move goods and people according to preferred needs/desires. The ideal routing and alignment alternative would be one that considers a flexible highway design. A balanced or optimal project would consider all aspects of people’s transportation needs or desires. An important benefit would be bicycling activities.

There is a demand for commercial sports recreational bicycling and general recreational bicycling. The Saddle Road Extension would provide an excellent opportunity to extend more feasible routing of bicycles for enjoyment with safety. The alternative highway routes could consider horizontal alignment and vertical profile to satisfy cars, trucks, and bicycles comfortably and safely.

An ideal enhancement plan for bicyclists would be to include a rest stop, a staging area for caravans, and a park and ride area at convenient locations. This would eliminate the need for bicyclists to stage at random locations for convenience while ignoring safety for all.

A bicycle lane with the mentioned appurtenances could have an indirect effect of discouraging bicycle misuse on such narrow and winding roads on Mamalahoa Highway such as Highway 180.

This highway is desirable for bicycling because of its gentle gradient, relaxing, or scenic qualities. In the spirit of the Federal Aid Highways 2035 Transportation Plan for the District of Hawaii, the Saddle Road Extension can mean more to the users and people on the Big Island.

Harold Murata


Lot to be happy about

Dear Mr. Van Platen Luder, I have read your complaints for years now. I am really shocked what a negative Nancy you are with all that money and prime real estate. What seems to be the problem in retirement? Go have some fun and spend some of that cash. I agree I can’t afford more taxes but I’m guessing you, my friend, can!

I see your point sometimes but it’s always negative. Why are you unhappy in your luxury life? I challenge you to write a nice letter about something that happens to you personally this week.

Ready, set, go!


Linda Tohara