Letters: 5-19-17

Slow down, Waikoloa Village!


Slow down, Waikoloa Village!

Does it take someone dying in Waikoloa Village to get the residents to drive within the confines of the traffic laws? People, please slow down (leave earlier) and stop does not mean “slow to observe police.” It actually means stopping behind the limit line first.

Be careful. The person you hit might be your neighbor or your neighbor’s child. Exhibit aloha for your neighbors at least.

Scott Campbell


Ag land designation costs county money

Since the county is looking for increased property tax revenue, I suggest they examine the abuse of Fixed Agricultural Assessment.

If all the “agricultural land” was actually used to produce food, this island would be more than self-sufficient. Most of the “agricultural land” seems to be land speculation (vacant land held to be sold in the future) or residences, although some is being used for industrial purposes.

Less than half a mile from my house a parcel of “agricultural land” in Kailua-Kona is being used for commercial rock crushing and equipment storage. That parcel is over 23 acres with a market value of more than $900,000 (county assessor’s estimate) but is taxed as having a value of $10,000.

Land being used to produce food should be taxed at a very low rate. Land used for industry and speculation should not be.

Bill Culhane


Taxes, taxes and more taxes

The Hawaii government says that they are concerned about people not being able to afford to rent or live in Hawaii, but they always raise the cost of living. Mayor Kim, when he was campaigning said no new taxes, but once in office more taxes.

Bigger budgets, raises for the politicians and unions. In Hawaii County, the tax amounts discriminate against residential. The increases in property value for homeowners is limited. Most homeowner properties are very undervalued. It is ridiculous that some pay only $100 in property taxes.

The people who are homeowners and have undervalued property and a homeowners exemption do not mind the tax increase. Residential property is rented by people living in Hawaii. A rental owner pays excise taxes, property taxes and income taxes. The value of the property is always updated to reflect market value. This is very unfair.

There is no homeowner exemption. The politicians need to control spending, not raise the cost of living by increasing taxes. For example, we do not need new government positions and the county board should not get discretionary funds. The funds just serve as PR to get reelected. The government is already bigger than we can afford.


Michael Wilson

Captain Cook