Letters: 6-6-17

Party over person


Party over person

After reading the philippic letter by Henry Scroggin on June 2, one would have thought that he was from Montana and not Kona the way he ranted about “Our great Republican candidate.”

Because his man “Gianforte body slammed this 90-pound liberal,” it appears that Mr. Scroggin condones bullying and it does not matter who is running on the Republican party as he definitely votes for the party and not for the person. With that in mind, possibly Mr. Scroggin would even have voted for Hilary Clinton if she had run on the Republican ticket.

Ted Johnson


Rave reviews for planning department

I had a very positive experience calling the Hawaii County Planning Department the other day, and wanted to share it with your readers.

I called the Hilo Planning office looking for information about land ownership. The person who answered was knowledgeable and polite, told me exactly what was available and how to get it. It turned out that there was a CD with the info I needed, and what impressed me the most was that he offered to call the Kona office for me to find out if they had the CD in stock; he then put me on hold, came back in a few seconds, and told me exactly how and where to pick it up.

I asked his name — it was Jesse.

I never identified myself, so Jesse had no way of knowing who he was talking to. He simply was serving a member of the public, and he provided excellent service. After all the negative publicity about civil servants, Jesse proved to me that he, and Hawaii County, are doing things the right way.

Jesse, thank you for setting such a positive tone at Planning.

Andy Levin


Letters made great points

Finally some folks are speaking up on the issues that truly matter.

Nita Lopez in her letter June 3 regarding the proposed timeshares at Kahuluu shared my first thought when I heard about the proposal: Timeshares have more foreclosures than any other real estate purchases, to the point of being ridiculous! Of course, the more obvious situation is the added population on Alii Drive that would impact so many other things, not the least of which is contamination of our shoreline.

Then there was the letter from Sally Inkster who so eloquently stated (not how I would have responded!) how awful Henry Scroggin’s letter was. It’s very clear with the 2016 presidential election that there are fierce differences of opinion about Trump, but is it really necessary to be so insulting and go so low with insults? How would you feel if those comments were directed at you, Henry? So hateful?

Thanks ladies, for saying things so well!


Tricia Kezeli

Captain Cook