Letters: 6-17-17

Paris accord was a sham anyway


Paris accord was a sham anyway

The total ignorance of our left-leaning elected officials is often beyond the scope of our imagination! The accord was just another attempt by Obama and his cronies to bankrupt America.

Isn’t $20 trillion debt bad enough? Why would we want to add to that with this bogus piece of worthless paper that stunk from the start and is of no benefit to Americans? It seemed to be designed to suck cash out of taxpayers’ pockets with no returns this century worth a hill of beans!

Of course, our elected officials and others (some of the same who voted for Obamacare) on our island actually believe that we can gain 100 percent sustainable energy independence — another fantasy! Not a chance! Do the math, and don’t forget to count Mother Nature and what she throws at us from time to time in your fantasy.

Wake up people; quit blubbering every time those on the left get slapped in the face for trying to shove stuff down your throats. And Tulsi Gabbard, you don’t have to be like our other weak-minded legislators; keep your eyes on your job today, not your fantasy of becoming president.

The accord was garbage. I didn’t have to read the whole thing to realize that. Ask yourself, did you read any of it?

Frank Dickinson


Make a difference and protect our fish, reefs

Thank you to everyone, including Sen. Karl Rhoads, who recognized SB1240 to ban fish collectors that have depleted our reef fish for generations.

Opponents say it’s costly, and unnecessary? I agree that we need to protect the larger herbivorous fish populations that aid in health and reef recovery. It’s not an either, or. It takes education in our community whether spearfishing for UHU (parrot fish, one of the best examples of fish not to kill, because they eat the algae that completely kills off the reef and causes coral bleaching).

But still, putting the cart before the horse is what this is because most fish collectors, as Mr. Dane pointed out, take 90 percent of the fish that are herbivorous, including yellow tang, hermit crabs, squid and octopus. So, if we don’t support SB1240 now there will be no fish to research over the next five years.

I also agree that we should leave the fish collectors who have their licenses alone, but no more moving forward. This is the bill that was passed by every legislator, so the bill just is sitting on Gov. David Ige’s desk. I agree management and protection areas for these fish as well as education on species are needed, so locals and tourists alike will not remove these fish which are our only hope in reversing coral bleaching.

Instead of one or the other, together it works, and we can save 1-3 million fish a year that are taken out of our Hawaiian reefs. With herbivorous fish gone, we have no hope, no reef, and no need for protection areas. There is no monitoring of really what is taken out, and this is a problem, too. We are on the honor system when collectors come here.

My family has been here for four generations. We have seen the depletion firsthand, as have many locals who are in the water daily. Scientists have good intentions, but we all have to work together.

Have Ige sign this bill and do something to give the only hope of reversing coral bleaching. Just give the governor’s office a call, they take your message, a minute of your time, and you have made a difference. Call (808) 586-0034.


Leilani Pacheco-Datta