Letters: 7-9-17

Don’t blame Diamond


Don’t blame Diamond

The blame of Diamond Parking by Mr. Duke Kell is misdirected. He can only blame himself. I own a business in one of those buildings he referred to in his letter. While my business might not be open at any given time, it does not give the likes of Mr. Kell a license to park there.

We pay Diamond Parking to keep our parking lot free of trespassers. The parking lot is for our clients, and for our employees. Mr. Kell also should have done some research about Diamond Parking. It is a registered business in Hawaii, and its office is in one of those buildings Mr. Kell referred to, so let’s leave “the big mainland companies” out of this picture.

Just for clarification, neither my business is, or am I associated with, issuing parking tickets or collecting parking fines.

John S. Rabi


Protect America first

I read the Saturday edition of West Hawaii Today that a federal appeals court dismissed Hawaii’s attempt to challenge the rules for President Trump’s travel ban. If Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin is so determined about protecting the “rights” of those people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen to travel to the United States, he should move instead to anyone of those countries and educate their citizens to make them, in President Trump’s words, “love America.”

It’s very disturbing when our tax dollars are paying for Chin to fight for these people’s rights to travel to America by first blocking the travel ban then filing an appeal to clarify the definition of “bona fide relationship” after the executive order was upheld in part by the US Supreme Court.

It’s understandable that people from other countries, including those from the six countries named in the EO, should be allowed to travel to America as long as they are vetted.

Had there been extreme vetting, terrorist Khalid al-Mihdhar, who traveled to the US plan the numerous plots and attacks, including the Fort Hood shootings, and the underwear bomber of 2009 would have been avoided. However, those atrocities were not enough, Mihdhar went to Yemen where he planned the attack on US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Cole while being refueled in Yemen’s harbor on Oct. 12, 2000, killing 17 sailors and injuring 39 more. He later returned to the US to participate in 9/11 on American Airlines Flight 77, which flew into the Pentagon, killing 184 victims.

Instead of protecting the rights of those people from the six countries who are constantly raising their fists and chanting “Death to America,” Chin should honor those who raised their hands and swore “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”


Nestorio Domingo