About Town: 9-8-17

Kona hospital auxiliary to meet


Kona hospital auxiliary to meet

Kona Community Hospital Auxiliary will hold its monthly board meeting at 12:30 p.m. on Monday in Conference Room 1. All members and any persons interested in becoming a volunteer are invited to attend.

Info: Email KCHAuxiliary@hotmail.com or visit www.kchauxiliary.org.

Bridge results released

Results of the American Contract Bridge League play at the Kona Bridge Club for August:

Aug. 2: 1stMike Folkert and Marlene Sabo2ndtie: Jean Cole and Bob Cole; Beth Reid and Rose White

Aug. 3: 1stDorothy Case and Mike Folkert2ndShirley Decker and Gail Hadovsky

Aug. 7: Section A1stDean Jenkins and Gail Hadovsky2ndSue Brown and Shirley Decker

Section B1stLouise Weidner and Kurt Weidner2ndLarry Cosper and David Case

Aug. 9: 1stDean Jenkins and Penny Kallaus2ndStuart Vance and Sue Brown

Aug. 10: 1stMike Folkert and Dorothy Case2ndJim Elstran and Sue Kaneta

Aug. 14: Section A1stDean Jenkins and Gail Hadovsky2ndLiz Holey and Jim Elstran

Section B1sttie: Butchie Hayward and Sharon Weber; Beth Reid and Alice Goo

Aug. 16: 1stShirley Decker and JoAn Hill2ndSue Brown and Sara Ito

Aug. 17: 1stJim Cheney and Penny Kallaus2ndSue Brown and Gail Hadovsky

Aug. 21: Section AN-S1stPenny Kallaus and Patrick Kallaus2ndShelly Hershberger and Richard Gittelman

E-W1stDean Jenkins and Kelly Sandulli2ndButchie Hayward and Jim Elstran

Section B: N-S1stTed Overman and Dale Overman2ndWalt Bobb and Sally Bobb; E-W1stSue Kaneta and Dan Sabo2ndEllie Ramsey and Polly Beynon

Aug. 23: N-S1stShelly Hershberger and Richard Gittelman2ndJean Cole and Bob Cole; E-W1stDean Jenkins and Penny Kallaus2ndEllie Ramsey and Polly Beynon

Aug. 24: Walter Knox and Dickie Motherwell2ndJean Cole and Butchie Hayward

Aug. 27: N-S1stWalt Bobb and Sally Bobb2ndShelly Hershberger and Richard Gittelman

E-W1stPascal Fouque and Dee Fulton2ndJoAn Hill and Shirley Decker

Aug. 28: Section A1stChuck Clark and Sue Brown2ndDean Jenkins and Gail Hadovsky; Section B1stDale Overman and Ted Overman2ndWalt Bobb and Sally Bobb


Aug. 30: 1stPenny Kallaus and Dean Jenkins2ndShelly Hershberger and Richard Gittelman

Info: Visit www.konabridge.org