Letters to the editor: 11-03-17

Who’s paying for homeless


Who’s paying for homeless

I guess Mayor Kim falsely thinks he’s sitting on his laurels by spending $21,207 a month for a homeless camp of 32 people, which works out to $663 per person per month.

Kim wants more homeless space so let’s say the camp goes to 150, which probably is not unreasonable, equating to $1 million a year plus the freebies he conjures up for Hilo. This means an additional burden on the taxpayers who pay for it and we become the victims not them. WHT said the state gave us $1.3 million. Keep in mind no governmental entity has money. Only the people have money which goes to counties, state, etc.

So, Mayor Kim, where will you reduce expenses to cover these costs? Reduce the Public Works department payroll through attrition? Charge the camp residents as they can work four hours a day at fast food or box stores or from their social security, military, etc.? Some admitted coming on free plane tickets as there is always new faces begging on corners. Alaska Air to LA is $251 one way. Public service work credit in exchange for the camp stay? A 1 percent raise for the county’s next contract?

Kim, don’t increase our budget — but be good enough to tell us how this will be paid for.

Don Zero


Please save our aquatic life

I recently took an excursion on the Atlantis submarine in Kona. It was a wonderful experience, with a tremendous discount for kamaaina for their anniversary. That was the good news.

As a scuba diver I can tell you that the bay is an ocean desert. The aquarium fish harvesters have left nothing. The small fish they take are vital to the health and growth of the coral. The small fish heading up the food chain are the reason there is sportfishing.

That said, I’ve never gone scuba diving in Kona. Everyone’s told me there is no reason to because all the fish have been taken. So this was the first time I have actually verified how empty this ecosystem really is.

We need a total ban of aquarium fish harvesting for four or five years until the ocean can recover. Here’s hoping it’s not too late already.

Michael Mamczarz


Leaking water info would have been better

Mayor Kim and DWS chief engineer Okamoto should have known better than to try keeping these latest pump failures a secret. Where water is concerned there are always leaks.


Alan Silverman