Korean Drama weekly update: 11-19-17

Palama Supermarket, locally owned and operated by the Lim family, celebrates its 40th anniversary this month and part of the festivities is the inaugural Hansung Kimchi Festival in Hawaii. Kimchi grandmaster Kim Soon-ja has been officially recognized by the South Korean government in 2007 and her line of kimchi will be available for taste and purchase at all three Palama Supermarket stores through Tuesday.

Second generation owner Daniel Lim says “come taste truly authentic and delicious kimchi!” This is your chance to try many commonly known kimchi and the not so common varieties as there are at least nine different types of kimchi at this festival along with many banchan (side dishes). Some choices are: halved napa cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, white kimchi, mustard kimchi, green onion kimchi and my favorite mini bossam roll kimchi. Hansung brand kimchi is supplied to many hotels throughout South Korea and Kim customizes her kimchi according to localized provincial tastes. Unfortunately, she will not be able to attend this year but is looking forward to next year.


Breezy Love

Episodes 46 and 47

Today, 6:30 p.m.: Keumshil introduces Jango to her friend’s daughter. Deokcheon is outraged at seeing Shinae’s slush fund records. Heedong finds out Shinae’s secret. Today, 7:45 p.m.: Cheongja tells Shinae to leave, but she refuses to. Shinae locks Daehoon up in a room, preventing him from seeing Deokcheon. Mipoong appears on the home shopping program, in hopes of finding her father.

Love Temperature

Episodes 25 and 26 (Monday); 27 and 28 (Tuesday)

Monday, 7:45 p.m.: Jung-woo plays the upper-hand in his professional dealings with both Jung-sun and Hyun-soo. He meddles in Jung-sun’s restaurant’s operation, using financial loss as an excuse. Jung-sun tells him he wants Jung-woo out of his business. Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.: Jung-woo is torn between his friendship with Jung-sun and his love for Hyun-soo, as he makes his business decision. Jung-sun has a hard time opening up to Hyun-soo, and she feels edgy around him, which frustrates her.

While You Were Sleeping

Episodes 25 and 26 (Wednesday); 27 and 28 (Thursday)

Wednesday, 7:45 p.m.: Hong-joo is assigned to a program that follows prosecutors for 72 hours. She is assigned to Jae-chan’s office. She covers every second of life at the prosecutors’ office for three days. Thursday, 7:45 p.m.: Jae-chan and Ji-kwang reinvestigate a serial murder case Yoo-bum and Dam-dong took on. Ji-kwang insists Yoo-bum and Dam-dong must be questioned if their investigation was done properly. However, Jae-chan is adamant that Dam-dong shouldn’t be questioned.

Bravo My Life


Episodes 9 and 10 (Friday); 11 and 12 (Saturday)

Friday, 7:45 p.m.: Do-na assures Bum-woo that he’ll succeed this time, as she’s supporting him. RaRa is swindled and loses all the alimony she received. RaRa gets a small part in the series her daughter is directing. Do-na warns her that the relationship will remain professional. Saturday, 7:45 p.m.: Do-hyun makes the headlines with Do-na, which she discards as a rumor. Do-hyun makes his moves on Do-na. Bum-woo thinks Do-na’s support for him came out of her desire to be a director, and feels betrayed.