K-Drama Weekly Update: 11-15-18

Vietnam and South Korea are enjoying cultural, financial and social prosperity in recent years. There has been over 5,000 South Korean companies investing and opening offices in Vietnam. South Koreans are learning Vietnamese and Vietnamese are now flocking to South Korea to learn Korean.

Sewer rates to almost double

HILO — Sewer fees will almost double over the next three years if the County Council agrees with a rate plan submitted by the Department of Environmental Management.

Fines adding up for Hilo Farmers Market

HILO — The county’s Public Works Building Division chief sent a letter last month to the owner-operator of Hilo Farmers Market notifying him that fines for noncompliance with building, zoning and fire codes have surpassed $200,000.

California wildfires hit close to home

Wildfires continued Tuesday to burn out of control in Northern and Southern California, and for at least two East Hawaii residents the devastation and suffering are a bit more personal.

Moses asks for thorough review of WADA culture

Olympic champion Edwin Moses sent a tersely worded letter to leaders of the World Anti-Doping Agency, asking for an investigation into the culture at WADA that would expand beyond athletes’ representative Beckie Scott’s claim that she was bullied at a recent meeting.