Divided we fall

It’s now become pretty clear that the appalling ugliness that was the last presidential election was caused by our long-time enemy, Russia. Our intelligence sources are convinced it is so, and even Putin admitted he wanted Trump to win. Whatever. Presidents come and go. The real damage that was done to America was done by us, ourselves.


RIMPAC exercises hit Hawaii Island

KAWAIHAE — With a roar of four jet engines, the amphibious vessel’s rubber bags fill with air, quickly lifting the 87-foot monstrosity 6 feet off the ground.

Trump’s foreign policy smashes our defining ideals

WASHINGTON — Setting aside the issue of whether the president is wittingly advancing the interests of a hostile power — a qualification that is only imaginable in the Trump era — what is happening to the direction of American foreign policy?

First Insurance Company of Hawaii donates $10K

HONOLULU – The Hawaii HomeOwnership Center (HHOC) has received a $10,000 gift from the First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH), according to an announcement by Dennis Oshiro, executive director of the Hawaii HomeOwnership Center. The funds are an investment to support HHOC’s classes, individualized coaching, and post-purchase services to home buyers throughout the state to attain sustainable homeownership.

Time to break the cycle

Last week, there was an incident of domestic violence on my block. A man and a woman were screaming at each other and it predictably led to physical force.

A situation that lacks real concern and guts

The beginning report in Sunday’s issue of West Hawaii Today about the homeless and drug addiction brought new information to light. First, who knew there were tunnels under the roadway? Apparently, the police and county government knew, and about the drugs also. I drive through there several times a day and never realized such a conglomeration of unfortunate people and garbage were there. A comment by Hawaii Police Department Sgt. Roylen Valera, however, brought to realization how badly organized are any plans for the resolution of this problem.