Obituaries 10-13-18

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About Town 10-12-18

A lehua haole (Calliandra inaequilatera) blooms vibrantly in a Kona neighborhood, its tiny raspberry-red buds attracting dozens of bees to pollinate them. (Laurie Sigel/Community contributor)

Island Life 10-11-18

Thanks the help of an offshore rain cloud, a rainbow brightened Kealakekua Bay on Tuesday morning, with Keei on the left and Manini on the right. (Clint Zavodny/Community contributor)

Island Life 10-08-18

An eagle ray cruised right past a swimmer in Kailua Bay on Sunday. (Donna Goodale/Community contributor)

COLUMN: Voting ‘no’ for the future

In this year’s general election on Nov. 6, Hawaii voters will be asked to decide on a proposed constitutional amendment that would give the Legislature the authority to create one of the largest tax increases in Hawaii’s history.