Thankful for Hawaii 365 days a year

Thursday is Thanksgiving but giving thanks for the many blessings we have in Hawaii should be a daily event. For the last several months, it seems many folks have been focusing on the negative, so let’s try something healthier. For this exercise, let us for the moment not focus on how Native Americans, Mexicans, Hawaiians, African Americans, Filipinos, Japanese, Italians, Chinese, Irish and so many other ethnic groups were treated as they tried to fit in to the American scene. Let us not focus on the two World Wars of the early 20th century that killed an estimated 100 million people.

Island Life 11-16-18

A hibiscus blossoms near Kona Brewing. (Robert Viggers/Community Contributor)

Fines adding up for Hilo Farmers Market

HILO — The county’s Public Works Building Division chief sent a letter last month to the owner-operator of Hilo Farmers Market notifying him that fines for noncompliance with building, zoning and fire codes have surpassed $200,000.

Wrapping up the holidays in an eco-friendly way

For many of us, wrapping gifts is even more fun than giving them. But each year, we throw away miles and miles of wrapping paper, much of which can’t be recycled because of inks, coatings or other additives.

Raise a glass to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is next week, bringing family and friends together, breaking bread and enjoying recipes that have been handed down for generations. But, what to pair?