A sweet treat can be healthy to eat

The culinary calendar is full of healthy options right now. Not only is February American Heart Month, this Thursday is National Cook-A-Sweet-Potato Day. With more beta carotene than carrots, plus vitamin C and fiber, the sweet potato can satisfy a sweet craving while bestowing benefits. And it’s so versatile, as the following recipes will show.

Swaying gingerly in the breeze

Michelle Familo, of Baraboo, Wisconsin, snapped this photo of shell ginger (alpinia zevumbet) at North Point on Sunday. (Michelle Familo/Community contributor)

Island Life 02-19-18

A hawk stretches its wings while investigating baby chickens in Clint Zavodny’s backyard on McCoy Plantation in Captain Cook. (Clint Zavodny/Community contributor)

Trump Tax In Hawaii?

One of the more visible tax issues that our lawmakers will be thinking about this session is how to adapt the new federal tax law changes, sometimes called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and what we have been calling Trump Tax, to Hawaii.

K-Drama weekly update: 02-18-18

Black Panther, in theatres now, is another Marvel film that was filmed in South Korea. A car chase scene was filmed in Busan, Korea, last March.