Island Life 02-15-18

A female (above, white sides) and male (right, blue sides) Whitley’s boxfish cruise along near Keei on Jan. 30. (Photos by Johnm Andersen/Community contributor)

Island Life: 02-13-18

Cinder cones speckle the landscape on the way up to Maunakea. (Terri Olsem/Community Contributor)

Make your own chocolate bowls for Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” like chocolate. It’s the universal way to melt your valentine’s heart. It’s also good for your heart. Thanks to flavanols, antioxidants also found in berries, red wine and grapes. So in small amounts, chocolate is good for you. Many health experts recommend eating a 1-ounce square of chocolate a day. And the darker the chocolate (which is higher in antioxidants), the better.

Double indulgence this year

Today is Fat Tues-day, the day before Lent starts. It’s the day when you have permission to eat everything rich and fatty in the house, before the traditional big fast, which starts tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. But tomorrow is also Valentine’s Day, which creates a conundrum: start an austere fast, or celebrate a day set aside for the foods of romance, such as steak, lobster, chocolate, and champagne. So if we can choose a two-day pass to indulge our palates as we celebrate these culinary feasting days back-to-back, are you with me?

Island Life: 02-12-18

Divers check out the “Aloha” sign on the bottom of Honaunau Bay on Thursday morning. (Terri Olsem/Community contributor)