Sustainable life: Maureen and Tane Datta stay dedicated to Hawaiian agriculture

I seldom meet two people as dedicated to keeping sustainable agriculture alive in Hawaii as Maureen and Tane Datta. They not only have a highly productive organic farm where they grow a wide diversity of crops, but they also have a business that distributes produce from local growers. They are Adaptations Farm and Adaptations, Inc., known as a regional food hub.

Colombian coffee OK, but Kona Coffee No Ka Oi

We are in Medellin, Colombia, participating in the International Palm Society meeting. The coffee is OK here but we miss our Kona fix. We will also be looking at its coffee and cacao farming. Since the crackdown on coca production, farmers have been encouraged to grow other crops and cacao looks very promising. With government incentives and assistance in marketing, we may have some competition when it comes to these crops, but it is hard to beat our specialty products. Tied in with tourism, we can ask higher prices for better quality and limited supply.

Healthy chocolate chip cookies?

If National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day was on a ballot initiative, would anyone NOT vote for it? Perhaps the guilt-ridden, no-willpower citizens among us would dissent or abstain, unless they could be convinced that CCCs need not be sugary little fat bundles of temptation. Well, apparently somehow, somewhere, today was declared to be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, and I am here to make it easier for everyone to celebrate with a trio of recipes to please the naysayers.

Early season advice for ailing houseplants

Q: I’ve had these plants for many years. All of a sudden over the last six months or so, some of the leaves have yellowed and browned and died. I water weekly and do very little else, and they have always thrived. Have I started doing something wrong?

Polynesian culture celebrated in our Hawaiian landscapes

Our Hawaiian gardens represent many diverse cultures. The earliest gardens were composed of plants Polynesians brought with them from Asia, the vast Pacific and even South America. With the new DNA research, it is theorized that the first peoples may have come from Madagascar to Taiwan and between, thousand of years ago. This mix of ethnicities is extremely complicated and continues to this day as we share our islands.