Island Life 04-22-18

A brilliant water lily perches atop the waters in which it grows. (Barbara Ash/Community Contributor)

Island Life 04-21-18

A road stretches into the sunset at Kohanaiki on April 11. (Keoni Williamson/Community Contributor)

Island Life 04-20-18

En guarde! A spiny lobster raises its eponymous spines at an oceanic photographer. (Linnea Andersen/Community Contributor)

Island Life 04-19-18

The sun sets Sunday at NELHA as the sea rushes into a pair of lava tubes. (Keoni Williamson/Community contributor)

Island Life 04-15-18

A gecko sunbathes in a Kailua garden Friday morning above some shell ginger blossoms. (Laurie Sigel/Community Contributor)