Island Life: 06-13-18

The original statue of King Kamehameha is draped in lei in Kapaau on Tuesday, King Kamehameha Day, following a parade celebration.

Duck subs for pork in easy carnitas tacos recipe

Musical chairs strikes the over-5 set with nostalgia. Ah, kindergarten. But for those in the musical-chairs cohort, it’s pure terror. Stumble along to some treacly tune; lunge for safety. It schools its students: Greed is good. Grab the first option. Resources are scarce, and shrinking.

Panna cotta: Easier than it sounds

June is National Dairy Month, which I celebrate heartily with my favorite dairy products, cheese and ice cream. Not being a big consumer of milk in the glass, I still buy quite a bit for my husband’s daily consumption. My favorite use for fluid milks has got to be panna cotta, that silky dessert that is a perfect accompaniment to – or platform for – any fruits in season. A custard-like pudding that is set with gelatin, panna (“cream”) cotta (“cooked”) is an easy Italian dessert that uses at least two forms of milk. The name alone makes it sound exotic; no one needs to know how easy it is to make. Here are three delicious options: a classic, one with a touch of savory, and a creamy-crunchy combo.

Botanical Garden show highlights O’Keeffe’s Hawaii paintings

NEW YORK — Georgia O’Keeffe, famous for her desert paintings, created equally stunning — though lesser known — pieces inspired by a 1939 trip to Hawaii. The works, and a display of the plants she would have encountered there, are now on view at the New York Botanical Garden.

Reduce pollution with plants

Volcanic haze, or vog, is considered a pollutant in large enough concentration. Fortunately, trees help minimize the negative impact by absorbing and filtering out unwanted sulfur and other compounds found in volcanic emissions. Incorporating plants into the office and home may help as well. When it comes to reducing carbon dioxide and adding oxygen to the environment, plants are a must. The more the better!