Fresh raspberries make easy desserts

Berries are summer’s little jewels, and raspberries are the delicate rubies that look good with everything. Popular as a garnish, they also add beauty to sauces, sorbets and salsas. If ever there was an easy-to-celebrate food event, today’s National Raspberries and Cream Day might be it. Place a handful of fresh, fragrant raspberries in a bowl and top with a big dollop of whipped cream. Add a spoon and dig in. Are you salivating yet?

’Hilo Massacre’ commemorated

Eighty years ago, a peaceful protest took a tragic turn as police opened fire on an unarmed crowd of union workers and their supporters at the docks of Hilo Bay in 1938.

Plant of the month: Ixora odorata

Those of you looking to add fragrance to your garden might want to consider a somewhat rare species of ixora known as ixora odorata. Several ixora varieties grow well in tropical climates and are often found in Hawaiian gardens. The odorata, however, is the only one that has fragrant flowers. Odorata is a Latin word meaning perfumed and is often attached to plants that have a fragrant inflorescence like this one.