Time to chill in the kitchen

Record high temperatures are being set all over the country this month, and possibly next month. Aside from spending half the day in the water and the other half inside an air-conditioned space, another way you can keep cool is with chilled foods instead of hot meals. No, I don’t mean have ice cream for dinner; nutrition doesn’t take a vacation. Main-dish salads, cool soups and chilled entrees are going to be your best friends this month. When the heat is on, the stove is off.

Conservation and propagation hot topics in Hawaii

Last week was a big gathering of conservation folks at the 25th annual Hawaii Conservation Conference on Oahu. It is now followed by the International Plant Propagators Society meeting in Honolulu. From Tuesday to Aug. 4, the society will be on Hawaii Island at the King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel and will be visiting local nurseries and gardens. The focus will be propagation of our native plants as well as well as unique non-native species. If you are interested in getting involved in the presentations and tours, you may check out the IPPS website for details.

Share some lasagna and chicken wings

Undoubtedly, whoever designated this Sunday, July 29, as National Lasagna Day as well as Chicken Wing Day has got to love entertaining. These popular entrees are crowd pleasers that can be made ahead and in large quantities, perfectly portable for picnics, buffets and family Sunday suppers. They also both have an ooey-gooey richness that pairs well with big salads on the side. Most cooks have their tried-and-true recipes for lasagna and for chicken wings; here are a few variations to expand your repertoire.