Around the table: Pack a lunch with healthy treats

Everyone knows that taking your own lunch to work or school is not only more economical, but an opportunity to pack food that is loaded with ingredients to sustain energy for the rest of the day. This is National School Lunch Week, originally intended to promote healthier choices in school cafeterias, but also a reminder that if your keikis don’t like some of the school’s lunch offerings, you may be packing the lunch some days.

Auntie’s Angels adopts second Big Island school

Auntie’s Angels – Big Island adopted their second school this past summer, Kahakai Elementary, along with their three-year-old program at Hookena Elementary School. Now, approximately 1,000 students are in the charity’s Reading Club.

Native trees make the islands beautiful

Most visitors to our islands are fascinated by the beauty of our gardens. They usually rave about the palms especially the coconut palms. There are literally hundreds of palms species here that most folks find hard to identify unless they are members of the International Palm Society.

Plant of the month: Uala sweet potato perfect for growing in Hawaii

The plant known as the Hawaiian sweet potato is not native to Hawaii. Although the plant has the Hawaiian name uala and its tuber has been a staple in the Hawaiian diet for centuries, it is actually native to parts of South America. Though it is not known how or when it arrived in Polynesia and Hawaii, the Hawaiians were cultivating it here when Captain Cook arrived in 1778.