Korean Drama weekly update: 2-4-18

South Korean tennis superstar Chung Hyeon arrived to a large crowd of fans at the Incheon International Airport last week after a record showing at the Australian Open in Melbourne that catapulted him to celebrity status. Born on May 19, 1996, Chung Hyeon was the first to reach the grand slam semifinal. Chung defeated former world No. 1 Novak Djokovic to get into the quarterfinals and beating Tennys Sandgren to get into the semifinal to meet legendary Roger Federer but decided to withdraw because of blisters on his foot. Chung now has reached the top 30 rankings by the Association of Tennis Professionals, the highest ever for a South Korean. Chung had jumped from 58th to 29th closing in on another Asian player, Kei Nishikori of Japan who is currently ranked at 27th. Chung’s youth and newly celebrity status will give boost to the Tennis industry in South Korea and quickly become an idol for many youths interested in tennis.

Oops! Math error!

Most of us are familiar with crosswalks and traffic signals. We pass a few of them every day. We might get stopped by a red light from one of them. But have we ever stopped to think how much one of these things cost?

Teaware steeped in style

Tea lovers are inclined to brew a cuppa any time of year, but especially now, in the dead of winter. Time to put the kettle on and savor the warm, soothing flavor of steeped tea leaves.

Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps programs open

Island Life: 01-31-18

Adult nene exercise their fluffy goslings on the Waikoloa Golf Course where they live with dozens of other nene. (Victoria McKinney/Community Contributor)