Brett Kavanaugh has ‘the Force’ with him, for now

With his friendly face and charming family, Judge Brett Kavanaugh appears to offer President Donald Trump the good looks right out of “central casting” that our first reality-show president said he was seeking in a nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

U.S. would be healthier if SC descended from Olympus

WASHINGTON — There is always a secret relief — even, I imagine, among his supporters — when President Trump does not do something random and imprudent. And we can be thankful for the selection of a Supreme Court nominee that did not involve a Ouija board spelling out the name of a Fox News personality.

Down and out in San Francisco on $117,000

It’s beyond laughable that a one-bedroom apartment can sell for $1.5 million in San Francisco — and get multiple offers within a day. Or that dumpsters sport satirical “for rent” signs. Or that the asking price for a side order of Brussels sprouts at many restaurants is $16.

Pruitt Departs. Count the Silver

Just when America had all but given up hope, Scott Pruitt’s appalling reign as Environmental Protection Agency administrator is finally over. Thursday afternoon, Pruitt delivered President Donald Trump his resignation letter, replete with references to “God’s providence” and how “blessed” he was to have had the opportunity to serve not the nation but this president. He sadly noted that “the unrelenting attacks on me personally, my family, are unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on all of us.” And so Pruitt heads for the door, leaving behind a dark, oily stain on the office that he has spent the past year and a half vigorously defiling.