Trump can’t lose a grasp on reality he never possessed

WASHINGTON — Because of President Trump’s absence of downward loyalty, his elevation of the morally impaired and his encouragement of staff factionalism, his administration will produce any number of damaging memoirs and leak-filled exposes. Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” is the latest in this genre, but surely not the last.

Michael Wolff and the end of denial

WASHINGTON — The most astonishing aspect of the response to Michael Wolff’s book is that anyone is surprised. President Trump’s unfitness for office was obvious long before he was elected. Once he moved into the White House, the destructive chaos of his administration was there for all to see. Future historians will scratch their heads to figure out why it took this particular book to break the dam of denial.

Dent’s departure makes Allentown vulnerable to Democrats

WASHINGTON — It is almost a law of our political physics: Those who choose to leave Congress thereby demonstrate qualities that make one wish they would linger here longer. After seven terms in the House of Representatives, which followed eight years in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives and six in the state Senate, Republican Charlie Dent, 57, is moving on without knowing his destination.

HOA disputes need deft touch, not brute force

Seven years ago, less than six months after moving in, quite by accident I became president of my HOA. It was at my first board meeting, volunteering only to fill a vacancy. The night before someone asked me to be president. There seemed to be a constituency that wanted me, and so why not? Apparently the only other willing member already had a full plate.