Program fills students’ ambition sails with wind

The theme of this year’s Lead, Expose and Inspire Program, LEI, April 16-17 on Hawaii Island was the wind of the Hawaiian Islands, and like the makani of the Hawaiian Islands, each person’s wind sets them on a different journey — one that consists of their dreams and aspirations.

The income tax and how we got here

If we believed what Mitt Romney said in the 2012 campaign, that only 47 percent of Americans pay federal taxes, then nearly half of us have just written big checks to the U.S. Treasury (more like the U.S. Treachery), so it’s a good time to look at the income tax and how we got here.

Vote by mail policies empower youth vote

Young people are organizing. From the Women’s March to the recent demonstrations in support of responsible gun regulations, today’s youth are demanding to be heard and clamoring for more avenues in which to amplify their voices.