Net zero growth key to TMT support

I learned today that the Hawaii Supreme Court will soon be hearing comments on either ending or sustaining the current halt on the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Maunakea.

Pride Month reason to reflect

June brings many fun-filled activities, like pool parties, family BBQs, summer holidays and more. June is also the celebration of Pride Month. I write this to you with the intent not to push any political views or opinions down your throat, but to ignite your thinking. If you are a believer in true love, inner strength, liberation, and equality for all, then I hope my words shine the brightest light on your day.

DACA decision shows careful reading of the law

I am writing in response “Judicial overreach,” Mikie Kerr’s June 8 WHT Constitution Corner column. Her initial description of the sources of the Constitution’s unique separation of powers structure is instructive and welcome.