Quintessential original vs. the fattened up second edition

Most people don’t realize it, but we have two Constitutions. One is the original Constitution as written by the founders. It is the shortest written Constitution of any major government in the world. Probably the most common version is the Pocket Constitution, which literally fits in a normal shirt pocket. It measures about 3 by 6 inches and includes the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and all 27 Amendments. It is 39 pages in total.

An open letter to your comforting island community

We are writing to express the collective gratitude of Jonathan Werner’s family and friends for the people of your community who worked so hard to save his life. Our son drowned while swimming at the Waipio Valley beach. Although our pain is as terrible as you would expect, we have been buoyed by the stories of those who witnessed this horrific event and assisted in the attempt to save him.

Ige administration implementing court aquarium fish rulings

Keith Dane, of the mainland animal rights group Humane Society of the United States (“Ige administration ignores community, high court ruling,” Aug. 4) is correct that the Hawaii Supreme and Circuit Court rulings shut down the bulk of Hawaii’s aquarium trade when they banned the commercial and recreational use of fine mesh nets for the capture of the state’s coral reef wildlife pending environmental review.