Impact of short-term rentals way overstated

We also live in a place that attracts lots of tourists, and our town also went through a freak out about short-term rentals. There were heated discussions in our local newspaper for months. The number of short-term rentals was eventually limited and required permits, and owners had to pay the city’s gross receipts tax on the rental incomes.

Insightful books on spotting, effects of sexual abuse available

In your Feb. 1 edition, you ran an article about child abuse and child sexual abuse. The article said that a House Bill 2430 would mandate the state Department of Education to create a program for students in grades PreK-12 about child abuse and child sexual abuse prevention.

Continuing to punish marijuana offenders is cruel

Marijuana is now legal under California law, but hundreds of thousands of Californians have criminal records for possessing or selling the drug when it was still banned. Those records can make it harder for people to get a job, obtain a loan, go to college, rent an apartment or otherwise become productive members of their community — even if their marijuana arrest happened decades ago.

Don’t let Hawaii become Colorado

I was born and raised the first 50 years of my life in Colorado. In 1958, I visited Hawaii for the first time, fell in love with the people and knew I would spend many years living here. It took 30 years to become a permanent resident and I was able to finally move to Hawaii in 1988. My wife and I have enjoyed every day since.

Ige administration plundering our reefs

Despite a Hawaii Supreme Court ruling last year that the stripping of Hawaii’s reefs of millions of fish without studying the environmental impacts violates the Hawaii Environmental Protection Act, Gov. David Ige’s administration continues to allow the aquarium trade to plunder Hawaii’s reefs and is actually encouraging the industry to operate wherever they can —as long as they don’t use fine-mesh nets.