This is a heartfelt message to the good people in Puna who might have left their dog or cat behind. You have nothing to worry about, your pets are just fine, dogs especially and cats even more.

Tribalism — the abdication of critical thinking

Recent op-eds appearing in WHT were critical of one of WHT’s regular contributors — Mikie Kerr, “Constitutional Corner.” I, too, have criticized Ms. Kerr on several occasions when, in my opinion, she crossed the line separating political partisanship (tribalism) and thoughtful analysis.

Investigations should start with crime, not person

Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.” No individuals were named to be investigated. Several suspicious names turned up during investigation.

Kick ‘Constitution Corner’ column to the curb

It is understandable, even laudable, for WHT to publish the various views of the community it serves. But the monthly “Constitution Corner” column by Mikie Kerr is the archaic and irresponsible rant of one person, originating from a few extremist, mainland wingnuts, not a community viewpoint. It belongs in the funnies section or by the enjoyable “Laughter Therapy” column of the good Dr. Bintliff.