Don’t give our country away to asylum seekers

Why are we not demanding that the laws for asylum into the United States be changed? What are these lawyers and others who are promoting illegal entry or any kind of entry into the United States, gaining from encouraging these people to come into our country? Who and what are the organizations and what do they hope to get from encouraging this entry?

Understanding insulin resistance, the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes

Diabetes and prediabetes cost an estimated $1.5 billion in Hawaii each year. The serious consequences include heart disease, stroke, amputation, end-stage kidney disease, blindness and death. Diabetes is growing at an epidemic rate in the United States. But most of care focuses on treating the symptoms of elevated blood sugar with medications and little attention to lifestyle. Type 2 diabetes is mostly a lifestyle disease with genetics only contributing a risk of 25-33 percent. So it makes sense to focus on lifestyle. But first, one needs to understand what is the underlying cause.

WHT column: Millennials are killing the blame industry

Not long ago, you had to come up with a good reason why your product or service wasn’t doing well — economic downturn, change in the luxury market, decline in spotted trout populations, or the like — but in the last few years, the blame industry has run dry, and it’s all the fault of those young whippersnappers, the millennials. Millennials are killing the paper napkin industry, millennials are killing the diamond market, millennials are killing the housing market.