Not long until we see this Trump headline

This just in. The Trump administration has announced a sweeping change in its plans to make America great. For the first time in modern memory, the government is making an elemental adjustment to our most basic mathematical assumptions.

Driving with aloha means letting long lines pass

We are told to “Drive with aloha,” but no one ever explains what that means. Haoles and malahine (foreigners and newcomers) learn that aloha can be hello or good bye, like shalom (peace). But that is an oversimplification. The best literal translation is shared-breath or connectedness. We are all in the same canoe. So how does that apply to driving? It means driving in a way that benefits everyone who might be affected. One might yield to another who does not have the right of way in a situation where that will expedite traffic for several others.

DMV should serve public, not demean it

My daughter and I recently went to the DMV for a renewal of her Hawaii driver’s license. We are 30-year residents on the west side of Hawaii, so this wasn’t the first time we have renewed our licenses.

Hawaiian language should be allowed in court

The recent court controversy over whether a professor charged with a crime can use his native language of Hawaiian in his court proceedings has made me recollect Thomas Paine’s statement regarding the use of translation in any discussion requiring logical discourse: