2 percent Land Fund a great success

In response to Jerry Warren’s letter, the Land Fund was approved three times by 63 percent of the people who voted on the measure at the polls, in 2006, 2010 and 2012. In 2010, the Charter Commission put it on the ballot at 1 percent, it was approved. Then at the next possible election the Save Our Lands Citizens’ Committee got it back on the ballot in 2012 at 2 percent (and approved by voters), which is why we originally collected 9,600 signatures on a petition to get it on the ballot. This is a mandate for land conservation on our island to preserve our treasured places. This also preserves these places for the enjoyment of visitors from around the world.

Fool us once with taxes, but not again

We all agree that education has the best payback of any government spending. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation published a study that every dollar spent on preschool education saves us $45 over the long run. It is well known that a year in prison cost us more than a college education.

How about an Article V Day?

Just as Sept. 17 is known as Constitution Day commemorating the completion and signing of the U.S. Constitution nearly 231 years ago, Sept. 15 could well be called Article V Day because that is the date this important feature was added to the document.