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Hilo International Airport to receive $548K for fencing

June 27, 2014 - 8:54pm

A portion of perimeter security fencing deemed “noncompliance” will be replaced thanks to the release of some $548,000 in state capital improvement project funds.

The funding covers the second phase of the project to replace a noncompliant perimeter security fence from the old terminal, around the approach end of Runway 8, through Kamehameha Avenue, and around the approach end of Runway 21.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie announced the release of funding on Thursday. The projects were identified by state legislators.

No other projects on the Big Island were among the more than $22.6 million released for capital improvement projects at seven airports.

Other projects in Hawaii receiving funding:

- $6 million – Kahului Airport, Reroof Terminal Buildings, Phase II, Maui – Construction funds for reroofing of Holdrooms A and B, the connecting concourse buildings and the rotunda area.

- $4.6 million – Honolulu International Airport, Terminal Improvements to Shuttle Stations, Gates 6-62, Oahu – Additional construction funds to improve Wiki Wiki Shuttle Stations. This includes improving the floor drainage at the stations and reroofing of the Diamond Head and Ewa Concourse Stations.

- $4,5 – Lihue Airport, Displace Runway 21 Threshold and Taxiway B Improvements, Kauai – Construction funds for improvements to address runway safety area compliance for Runway 3-21 and Taxiway B. These improvements are necessary to meet 2015 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and to increase airfield safety.

- $4.1 million – Honolulu International Airport, Overseas Terminal Metal Roof Replacement, Oahu – Additional construction funds for the replacement of the Overseas Terminal, second level metal roof and sidewalk improvements.

- $1.15 million – Hana Airport, Part 139 Airfield Compliance, Maui – Design funds for airfield improvements to comply with FAA airport operating certificate. This certification is now necessary due to flight demands and air carrier commitments.

- $1 million – Hana Airport, New Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station, Maui – Design funds for a new aircraft rescue and firefighting station to comply with FAA, current Maui County building code and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

- $578,500 – Kalaeloa Airport, Hangar 110 Renovation, Phase III, Oahu – Construction funds for selective demolition, hazardous material abatement, exterior utility (water, sewer and storm drain) improvements, trenching, paving, electrical and incidental related work. This renovation is necessary to encourage growth of general aviation at Kalaeloa Airport, and to decrease congestion in and around the Honolulu International Airport.

- $123,000 – Honolulu International Airport, Noise Monitoring System Upgrade, Oahu – Construction funds to upgrade the noise monitoring system. The existing system is unreliable and not digitally compatible.

- $10,000 – Lanai Airport, Airfield Lighting, Lanai – Additional construction funds to realign and upgrade lighting for Runway 3 and the terminal apron to meet FAA requirements. This will improve night visibility at the airport.

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