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Winners of Winter Wood Show announced

February 28, 2014 - 12:05am

The 2014 Winter Wood Show at Harbor Gallery finished with a flurry of collectors selecting their favorite pieces to cherish and have in their homes, but not before voting for the winners in each of four categories, and selecting an overall winner as “Best of Show.”

The top prize went to Scott Hare for his sculpted, lidded calabash, which is hand carved form a single piece of milo wood. Titled “Day or Night,” the piece depicts the endangered Hawaiian hawk (io) and the Hawaiian owl (pueo). Hare also received a cash prize of $250 for winning the top award with the most votes overall.

First place in the joinery category went to Correy Smith for his “Chadansu.” The work is made of koa wood with solid silver oak drawers. Smith also received a $100 prize for his stunning entry as winner of the category.

First place in the turning category went to John Mydock for his “Whale Songs” turned from norfolk island pine and intricately decorated with pyrography depicting whales and other sea creatures, inside and out.

The first place winner in the sculpture category was Stan Kerr for his hand-carved, giant calabash bowl with pyrograhic designs burned into the outside, made of albizia wood.

First place in the open category was Frank Chase for his ingenious contraption titled “Semi Elliptical” which makes intricate drawings on paper utilizing a pair of pendulums that move in various directions, similar to a harmonograph, but of his own creation. The presentation is stunning in koa wood and turned, with polished brass fittings and weights.

The show raised thousands of dollars for the Kohala Watershed Partnership which will fund programs to protect and preserve parts of the Kohala environment. Several pieces are still on display and for sale at the gallery.

Harbor Gallery is located in Kawaihae Harbor next to Cafe Pesto and Kohala Divers, and is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. For more information, visit or call 882-1510.

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