Sunday | November 19, 2017
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‘Peter Boy’ mother re-sentenced

October 26, 2017 - 9:01am

HILO — Jaylin Kema, the mother of “Peter Boy,” was re-sentenced to 10 years of probation after she violated her probation on a manslaughter charge earlier this year.

Kema was sentenced in June to 10 years of probation and one year in jail — which she had already served — for her involvement in the 1997 death of her 6-year-old son, Peter Kema Jr., often called “Peter Boy.”

However, Kema appeared in court Tuesday for a hearing to determine whether her probation would be revoked after a string of probation violations following her June sentencing.

According to court records, Kema tested positive for marijuana in July and admitted to having used the controlled substance twice since her sentencing. Additionally, Kema was once late for a meeting with her probation officer and once missed a meeting altogether and also reportedly changed her phone number without informing authorities of the change.

Kema was formally charged with manslaughter in April 2016 after a lengthy investigation into the apparent disappearance of Peter Boy. Kema pleaded guilty to the charge in December, while her husband, Peter Kema, also pleaded guilty in April and was sentenced to 20 years in prison in July.

Peter Boy’s body was never found, but the Kemas admitted that the perpetually abused child died of septic shock after they failed to provide sufficient medical treatment for an injury on his arm. Peter Kema told police he threw Peter Boy’s body into the ocean in 1997.

On Tuesday, Jaylin Kema’s court-appointed attorney, Brian De Lima, said Kema acknowledged her use of marijuana and noted that she had not used marijuana since her sentencing. De Lima said Kema used marijuana to treat a medical condition on the advice of a doctor, but does not currently have a medical marijuana certificate.

District Judge Henry Nakamoto sentenced Kema to the same terms as her June sentence, with two exceptions: first, that Kema be referred to HOPE Probation; and second, that her jail term be reduced to six months and stayed pending her probation.

As a HOPE Probation participant Kema will also be subjected to frequent and random drug tests while on probation. Nakamoto advised Kema that, should she obtain a medical marijuana certificate, she is still not permitted to use marijuana without court approval.

Kema will next appear in court for a probation hearing on Nov. 17.

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