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June 27 lava flow remains active within 5 miles of Puu Oo vent

August 7, 2015 - 1:28pm

The June 27 lava flow remains active within 5 miles of the Puu Oo vent, U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientists said Friday.

The most distant breakouts can be seen by the smoke plumes produced where lava is creeping into the forest and burning vegetation along the edge of the flow field. Most of the surface flows are scattered within three areas north and northeast of Puu Oo, scientists said.

Scientists said Friday the flow currently does not pose a threat to any nearby communities.

The June 27 lava flow began June 27, 2014, and sent flows toward Pahoa that destroyed a home, prompted evacuations and inundated roads, land and a new transfer station. The flow’s forward progress came to a halt mauka of the town in March.

Meanwhile, the Kilauea Volcano summit lava lake continues to fluctuate amid periods of deflation and inflation.

Deflationary tilt that began Thursday slowed Friday and the lava lake level dropped several yards from Thursday when it was within 167 feet of the Overlook Vent rim within Halemaumau Crater. Despite the drop, scientists said the lava lake remains active.

Seismicity continues at normal background level at the summit. Seismicity rates at the East Rift Zone were at low levels, the scientist said.

At Puu Oo, several incandescent, outgassing crater vents remain.

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