Friday | November 24, 2017
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How to rescue brown sugar that’s turned hard

| | Nov 13 2017 - 9:58pm | Comments

Q: What’s the best way to soften brown sugar that has gone hard?

  1. | Posted: Nov 13 2017 - 9:58pm

    When I tell people I grew up in a family of pie bakers, it’s easy to imagine I’m bragging. My mother’s pies are legendary — rich, velvety custard fillings or mounded fruit pies, each cradled in an ornately decorated crust, golden and with the most delicate layers. And don’t get me started on my grandmother; in her day, she was known as the “Pie Baker of Villa Park,” a small suburb west of Chicago.

  2. | Posted: Nov 13 2017 - 9:58pm

    Q: What’s the best way to soften brown sugar that has gone hard?

  3. | Posted: Nov 13 2017 - 9:52pm

    There’s a lot of home decorating advice out there on how to create the perfect kitchen. But what goes into designing a truly great dining room?

  4. | Posted: Nov 13 2017 - 9:52pm

    In many homes, the Thanksgiving gathering stretches for hours. It’s not an eat-and-run kind of day — you’re all in it for the long haul.

  5. | Posted: Nov 13 2017 - 9:52pm

    Before electricity, doorbells rang via a complex rigging of mechanical pulleys. Visitors pulled a rope or turned a key-like affair — think Downton Abbey’s elaborate system to summon staff, but on a smaller scale for the masses.

  6. | Posted: Nov 9 2017 - 4:48pm

    Cargo containers, long a staple of international trade, are designed to be affordable, sturdy and water-tight. So it’s no surprise that for decades they’ve been used by the military, the needy — or just the hip — for other uses, including dwellings.

  7. | Posted: Nov 7 2017 - 12:06am

    Digging into the Thanksgiving Day feast is a joy, but preparing it takes work. This Green Salad with Pear Dressing is a simple but elegant first course, and it will take some of the stress out of the gig. And — bonus! — it’s lighter than the usual holiday recipe. How did we do it? By swapping out some of the oil in favor of a very flavorful pear puree.

  8. | Posted: Nov 7 2017 - 12:05am

    PITTSBURGH — If you’re opting for a buffet-style meal this Thanksgiving, be it formal or casual, there are rules to keep in mind when setting up the table. Chuck Kerber, executive chef at Allegheny HYP Club, says the turkey, sides and desserts should be arranged in a particular order so that feasters don’t hold up the line while piling their plates, and each dish, which has been painstakingly prepared, gets to stand out. Here are his tips:

  9. | Posted: Nov 7 2017 - 12:05am

    On Thanksgiving Day, why not follow presidential custom and grant your turkey a pardon? Sure, the big bird has always been at the center of the traditional feast, but cooking it is almost always a headache.

  10. | Posted: Nov 7 2017 - 12:05am

    A whole turkey is probably the biggest thing most of us will ever cook.

  11. | Posted: Nov 7 2017 - 12:05am

    The side dishes on our annual Thanksgiving menu almost always include mashed potatoes and roasted root vegetables. This year, I decided to change up the routine by combining the two, adding a little cream and topping off the hybrid with some crunch. It’s heartier that way and tastier, too.

  12. | Posted: Nov 7 2017 - 12:05am

    If you don’t like cranberries, Thanksgiving is probably your worst nightmare. It’s basically the only time of the year that they make an appearance, and if you don’t eat cranberry sauce, well, why even bother? After all, the undisputed best part of Thanksgiving is assembling the perfect bite of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

  13. | Posted: Nov 7 2017 - 12:05am

    There are certain vegetables that I bring home and have a stare-off with for a while before cooking them.

  14. | Posted: Oct 31 2017 - 12:06am

    Fresh peppers, hot and spicy, sweet and crunchy, are the ultimate quick change artists. I roast poblanos and jalapenos for Mexican-style rajas, puree red and orange bells into soups and sauces, dice green bells and Anaheims for omelets and gingerly tuck habaneros into salsa.

  15. | Posted: Oct 31 2017 - 12:05am

    Cantaloupe means singing wolf. Not the scene that jumps to mind when slicing open the dazzling melon. And yet, no secret. Slice open the word to find canta, “sing” in many a language, and loupe, “wolf.”