Saturday | August 19, 2017
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Volcano Update

2017-08-19 02:22

The longest-lived and most voluminous rift-zone eruption of Kilauea Volcano in more than 500 years — the ongoing Puu Oo eruption — began in January 1983, and is fast approaching its 35th anniversary. So many lava flows, cones, deltas, and other features have formed from eruptions at different vents for varying periods of time that nearly every day is an anniversary for Puu Oo.

State & Regional

2017-08-18 13:22

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) — The leadership at Guam’s Roman Catholic Church is not happy that one of its schools is continuing plans to sponsor a concert by singer Yvonne Elliman-Alexander, who was recently arrested on the U.S. territory and charged with illegal drug possession.


2017-08-18 03:09

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2017-08-19 00:06

Hele-On like the Department of Water Supply is obviously in trouble. Both operate autonomously. Part of the problem is selling a $7 ride for $2. Mayor Harry Kim appointed Mr. Curt Sharp to fix Hele-On. You must ask: How did it get so bad? Wasn’t anyone watching? Isn’t there supposed to be a supervisory commission? Guess what? There is. The trouble is the commission is kept at sword’s length and gagged. Former Mayor Billy Kenoi appointed me to the Transportation Commission four years ago. Not my thing, didn’t even know what it did but it was a civic duty and opportunity to maybe improve something. Officially, the Transportation Commission is responsible for carriers (buses) and taxis.

Nation & World

2017-08-19 00:06

SEOUL, South Korea — America’s annual joint military exercises with South Korea always frustrate North Korea. The war games set to begin Monday may hold more potential to provoke than ever, given President Donald Trump’s “fire and fury” threats and Pyongyang’s as-yet-unpursued plan to launch missiles close to Guam.


2017-08-19 02:22

MONTPELIER, Vt. — A man pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges he sprayed liquid manure on a marked U.S. Customs and Border Protection car after confronting an agent about why he wasn’t doing more to arrest people in the country illegally.