Sunday | November 29, 2015
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Another foolish shutdown?

| | Sep 22 2015 - 1:30am | Comments

A mere two years after futilely shutting down much of the federal government in a doomed-from-the-start effort to “defund Obamacare,” congressional Republicans appear determined to force another shutdown in a doomed-from-the-start effort to “defund Planned Parenthood.” And with a few notable exceptions, the GOP presidential candidates have been cheering on this exercise in dysfunction.

  • | Posted: Oct 25 2015 - 1:31am

    The claim by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel that a Palestinian persuaded Adolf Hitler to exterminate the Jews of Europe is outrageous.

  • | Posted: Oct 24 2015 - 1:30am

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former secretary of state, spent hours Thursday facing down a gang of spiteful Republican lawmakers who once saw great promise in hauling her before a congressional committee to hold her responsible for the deadly attack that killed the U.S. ambassador and three colleagues in Libya in September 2012.

  • | Posted: Oct 22 2015 - 1:31am

    Anyone who owns a car, motorcycle or plane must register it with authorities so they can be found and held accountable if they crash into someone or something. Soon the operators of drones, more formally known as unmanned aircraft systems, will have to do so too. This is very good news for public safety.

  • | Posted: Oct 22 2015 - 1:31am

    Last week the United Nations General Assembly elected Egypt, Japan, Senegal, Ukraine and Uruguay to two-year terms as non-permanent members of the 15-member U.N. Security Council, on Jan. 1 to succeed Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania and Nigeria, which are rotating off the council.

  • | Posted: Oct 21 2015 - 6:14am

    In an interview shortly after he announced his intention to retire last month, Speaker of the House for a While Longer John Boehner said: “I don’t want to leave my successor a dirty barn. So I want to clean the barn up a little bit before the next person gets there.”

  • | Posted: Oct 20 2015 - 1:30am

    My, but they have big plans, these Democrats and Republicans running for president. Some want to spend federal revenue on new initiatives with lofty goals. Others want to forgo federal revenue by enacting tax cuts, also with lofty goals. Only a few candidates remind all of us that … our government can’t afford its current programs and policies.

  • | Posted: Oct 19 2015 - 1:14pm

    Into the madness surrounding Americans’ right to bear arms a Wisconsin jury this week sent a welcome message about gun sellers also bearing responsibility.

  • | Posted: Oct 19 2015 - 1:30am

    A yearlong study on body cameras worn by police has yielded predictable but valuable results. The cameras improve the behavior of law enforcement officers and citizens and tend to positively inform other areas of policing. The study provides evidence that body cameras, though not a panacea for bad policing or citizen misconduct, are a positive step toward greater transparency and accountability by law enforcement and the general public. Law enforcement agencies around the country should seriously explore using them.

  • | Posted: Oct 18 2015 - 1:30am

    The 2015 Global Nutrition Report, produced by an independent group of international stakeholders, contains at least two compelling figures.

  • | Posted: Oct 17 2015 - 1:30am

    After an exhaustive, 15-month investigation, the Dutch Safety Board affirmed on Tuesday what has long been generally known or suspected — that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, by a Russian-made Buk surface-to-air missile.

  • | Posted: Oct 15 2015 - 12:30pm

    The Affordable Care Act slapped a hefty tax on expensive employer-sponsored health plans in an effort to discourage companies from offering the most expansive forms of coverage while also raising money for new insurance subsidies. But the “Cadillac tax” is proving to be an idea that only an economist could love, as critics from the left and the right, from unions and corporate America, have stepped up to denounce it. In fact, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee called for its repeal almost simultaneously last month. Yet the tax, which is slated to go into effect in 2018, may simply take the wrong approach to doing the right thing.

  • | Posted: Oct 14 2015 - 1:30am

    Three decades of misguided tough-on-crime policies have created a mammoth U.S. prison system that holds more than 2 million people and costs an estimated $80 billion a year.

  • | Posted: Oct 13 2015 - 1:30am

    Say what you will about Larry Lessig’s presidential bid — and his campaign makes Don Quixote look like Machiavelli — the last candidate in the race has a point: He deserves to be on stage for the Democratic Party’s first debate this evening.

  • | Posted: Oct 11 2015 - 1:30am

    Hillary Clinton’s decision to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal isn’t surprising. But let’s be clear: It’s a serious mistake.

  • | Posted: Oct 10 2015 - 1:30am

    Americans waste a lot of money because of their aversion to coins and their fondness for dollar bills.