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Letters | 3-21-14

March 21, 2014 - 12:05am

Energy fluctuations already solved

In a recent article about HELCO, their representative told the public that they need to redesign their distribution system to take into account that wind, solar, and even hydropower generation fluctuates leaving big holes in the power grid.

This problem was solved long ago. The method used is to store energy by pumping water up into a reservoir during high generation periods. When generation is slow or stopped from wind or solar, the water is released to flow down again to create electricity. This is the main way to balance intermittent generation. Flywheel storage is now a proven method also. And flywheel storage is down scalable.

These two methods work. There is absolutely no reason that everyone in Hawaii cannot go to alternative energy generation. Yes, it will cost money to change over from fossil fuels.

In the end, we will not be paying to melt the polar ice and raise sea levels. We will be generating power in clean sustainable ways.

It is time to realize that alternative energy is not just a dream of the future. It is here now.

Tom Beach


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