Tuesday | February 21, 2017
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Letters | 4-10-14

April 10, 2014 - 12:05am

Mahalo for supporting West Hawaii teachers

On April 4, the West Hawaii Teacher Induction &Mentoring Program held its iMentor Showcase for beginning teachers and their mentors to share projects chronicling “The Year in the Life of a New Teacher” via apps on iPads, issued through the program. The culminating event celebrated the dedication of participants who enhanced their teaching skills through professional development, guest speakers and technology, which helped to bridge new and veteran generations within the teaching profession. A letter of recognition from Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was shared with the teachers as a way of acknowledging her appreciation for their service in the classroom.

Special thanks also goes out to community partners who provided refreshments and door prizes used to congratulate the educators for their commitment to supporting Hawaii’s keiki.

Sandy Cameli, Ed.D.

WHTIMP coordinator/ West Hawaii schools

People need to take responsibility for their actions

Everyone has to be responsible for his or her own actions.

If one chooses to go rock climbing and falls or gets injured, he should not turn around and sue the landowner. If a person chooses to go on a hike to a dangerous area where there are warnings posted, that person runs the risk of getting hurt. I do notthink the state or the private landowner has to pay the bills for an act of stupidity.

We all live in a world full of uncertainties. There are no guarantees that we will not fall or get injured. If we happen to be unlucky and get injured, that is the risk that we chose to take so we should also bear the consequences. Our sue happy nation has to wake up and deal with our own fortunes and misfortunes.

Colleen Miyose-Wallis